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  • As I wrote in my signature,you have to answer in my TT!:) I don't remember what was the deal.
    Will do. I'll get the list of the other 5 I want to you later today, and hopefully we can work out the first half of the trade tonight.
    No worries. I can tell you've been spending time making your shop look good. If you would remove Bullet punch, that would be great. Also, on a side note, I only have 2 of the DWf pokes to go.
    Ok. Assuming my math is correct this time, that brings us to a total of 33. To start us off:

    *Adamant Male Tyrogue Lv.1 Guts - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Fakeout/Foresight/Mach Punch/Bullet Punch

    *Jolly Male Zubat Lv.1 Inner Focus - 31/31/31/2/31/31
    Brave Bird/Quick Attack/Whirlwind/Pursuit

    *Timid Suicune Lv.40 Pressure - 31/23/31/30/31/31
    Dive Ball Rain Dance/Gust/Aurora Beam/Mist

    *Calm Zapdos Lv.50 Pressure - 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Luxury Ball AncientPower/Charge/Agility/Discharge

    *Modest Male Yanma Lv.1 Speed Boost - 31/3/31/30/31/30

    *Bold Female Cresselia Lv.50 Levitate - 30/19/31/30/30/31
    Master Ball Mist/Aurora beam/Future Sight/Slash

    I'd like these 6. I've already got more that 18 DWf ready, so VM me when you can trade. Also, sucker punch for the Tyrogue/Hitmontop is the only move tutor move I want.
    Hey, The DWf's not on your list you might like are:

    Corphish: Adaptability
    Gible: Rough Skin
    Sableye: Prankster
    Riolu: Prankster
    Minccino: Skill link

    Are any of these ones you'd like to add to your list?
    That would be great! :) I'll be back next monday for the trade, and if you can trade the HP Fighting one also, it would be awesome.
    Yeah same FC and you can evolve the Munna because I might need Musharna since I'm only doing 2 Pokemon this party. Coming on and thanks a lot.
    Hey riddlinkid hate to bother you, but I know you don't want your thread bumped. Would you be able to level my Jolly synch to 100 for me? You can keep a copy or I can give you a credit for it.
    Thanks! :) You have the Cresselia that I need. Are you interested in something of my thread?
    I like your careful armaldo but I need some pokes shifted... badly ^^'
    Six pokes shifted for two credits, ok?
    No I mean for the big delays. Like if you have a delay of 19291 and it gives you 321.51 seconds.
    Hey one quick question as I'm starting over with another seed. For emloop how do you know how far back to set your DS time to?
    Yeah I think I''m just going to wait for Non C Gear to do the stationaries. Atleast I don't have to worry about delays because I am a pretty precise guy.
    Oh I see. I only calibrated once and they say you only have to once and I have no choice since I can't check Victini's Ivs. So I've been doing the same thing since I caught my Litwick. Yeah it's really been frustrating for some reason.
    Sorry to keep bothering you like this, but when you used emloop, did you do any tweaking, or did you just use 60 for the first timer? I'm even having some problems using this.
    I saw that using emloop for 5th Gen was really no different than using it for 4th Gen. You just need to know what to set the DS Clock to. I'm going to try that since I've always been comfortable with emloop. If this works out, than hopefully I can skip calibration phases for now on.
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